Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Five Years of Eye Q Music
Label: Eye Q
Release Date: April 30, 1996

1. Zyon-No Fate
2. Vernon-Wonderer [Instrumental Mix]
3. Barbarella-My Name Is Barbarella
4. Metal Master-Spectrum
5. Hardfloor-Acperience
6. Sven Väth-Accident in Paradise
7. Brainchild-Synfonica
8. Earth Nation-Alienated
9. Cybordelics-Adventures of Drama
10.Resistance D-Human
1. Solitaire-Awakening
2. Stevie B-Zet-Closed Eye View
3. Virtual Symmetry-See You
4. Cygnus X-Superstring
5. Rainald Goetz-Mädchen
6. Ambush-Casablanca
7. Alter Ego-Electric Bedroom
8. Pulse-New Place
9. Planet Jazz-Monster!!?
10.Baked Beans-Heinz Roth Has Bean Sad

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dragonfly-Project II Trance

Label:Dragonfly Records
Released:Aug 1993

1. Gumbo-The Quickening
2. Genetic-Trancemission
3. Genetic-Oracle
4. Total Eclipse-Total Eclipse
5. Black Sun-Godstar (Sirrius Mix)
6. The Infinity Project-Feeling Weird
7. Mandra Gora-Gypsy Trance
8. Black Sun-The More You Look The More You See
9. 1000 Micro Dats-The Centre (Tuned Mix)
10.Mandra Gora-Wicked Warp
11.Deezal Electric-Moth
12.1000 Micro Dats-Underworld
Daft Punk - Homework

Released:20 Jan 1997

1. Daftendirekt
2. WDPK 83.7 FM
3. Revolution 909
4. Da Funk
5. Phoenix
6. Fresh
7. Around The World
8. Rollin' & Scratchin'
9. Teachers
10.High Fidelity
11.Rock'n Roll
12.Oh Yeah
14.Indo Silver Club
16.Funk Ad

Saturday, October 13, 2007

United Nations Of House
Label:FFRR (US)

1. Armand Van Helden-Witch Doktor (The Dark Ages Mix)
2. Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman-I Like To Move It (Erick More Club Mix)
3. The Good Men-Damn Woman (12 Mix)
4. D Mob-One Day (Erick Morillo Mix)
5. Joe Roberts-Lover (K Klass Remix)
6. Black Science Orchestra-New Jersey Deep
7. Aphrohead-In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix)
8. Cappella-Move On Baby (Armand's Peakin' Mix)
9. Tinman-Eighteen Strings (Full On Kitchen Mix)
10.DJ Duke-Turn It Up
11.Dave Clarke Presents Red 2-Wisdom To The Wise
12.Orbital-Are We Here? (Oral Mix)
13.Finitribe-Brand New (Finitribe vs. Sourmash)
React Techno Classics
Label:React America

1. Zouk presents Transcendental Experience-Vicious
2. Blu Peter-The Pictures In Your Mind (Arabesque Mix)
3. Armadillo-The Hopper (Princess Kiss Mix)
4. Madame Dubois-Ignition
5. Elevator-Shinny (Harmony Mix)
6. Age Of Love-The Age Of Love (Watch Out for The Stella Mix)
7. GTO-Tip Of The Iceberg (Jesus Jones Mix)
8. Shimmon & Woolfson-Evil Queen (Full Force Mix)
9. Seb-Rainbow Islands (Friends, Lovers & Family Mix)
10.S-J-Fever (Baby Doc Original Mix)
Trance Europe Express Vol.2

Label:Volume TEEX CD2
Release Date: May 27, 1994

02.Speedy J-The Fun Equations
04.Paul van Dyk-Today
05.The Irresistible Force-Lotus Position
06.A Positive Life-Pleidean Communication
07.Salt Tank-Dreams
08.Dave Angel-Life's Little Pleasures
09.Eat Static-Element 115
11.Pressure of Speech-Aphelion
12.Secret Knowledge-Afterworld

01.FFWD-Lucky Saddle
03.New London School of Electronics-The Frenchman
04.Richard H. Kirk-Oneski
07.The Human Beings-Orbit
08.Escape-Escape To Mars
09.Autocreation-Justice Loop
10.Hardfloor-Reverberate Opinion
11.The Ambush-Sun

Laurent Garnier-Unreasonable Behaviour

Label: Mute U.S./F Comm
Original Release Date: October 17, 2000

1. The Warning
2. City Sphere
3. Forgotten Thoughts
4. The Sound Of The Big Babou
5. Unreasonable Behaviour
6. Cycles D'Oppositions
7. The Man With The Red Face
8. Communications From The Lab
9. Greed (Part 1+2)
10. Dangerous Drive
11. Downfall
12. Last Tribute From The 20th Century